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Croatia: Best Things To Do

Croatia recommended top picks to visit

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Plitvice Lakes

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park

This national park in Croatia features vast and stunning lakes and waterfalls. You can take a tour around the upper and lower lakes which would take around 2-3 hours per trail. There are areas outside the trails to grab food, drinks, and restrooms. I suggest bringing water and snacks to keep on you while you’re on the trails since there won’t be another opportunity otherwise. You can’t jump in the water here and there are parts that are shaded and some that aren’t- so maybe bring a hat if you feel like you’ll need it. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take photos by the many different waterfalls. You’ll be trailing along the lake on a dirt path, so prepare to wear the right kind of shoes. This tour can take half to a full day depending on when you start and where you’re coming from. I came from Split and it was a 2-2.5hr drive one way. The sites are beautiful though and worth the stroll.

We were told this park gets super popular during the high season (summer) so plan accordingly!

2. Krka National Park

This was one of the top reasons I wanted to visit Croatia, but ended up being one of the sites I wasn’t able to visit due to it being flooded from a previous rainstorm. It seems you’ll be able to jump in the water here and swim amongst a waterfall. Check out photos of Krka National Park to see what I mean.

3. Diocletian’s Palace

An area in Split where you’ll find the town center. It’s an open court area between the riviera and shops. It’s a pretty touristy spot spot where you can see many people taking pictures and hanging out around the court. Here is also where there would be live music playing in the courtyard area. It’s an iconic and historical spot that’s free to check out and you can check out all the shops, cafes, and restaurants in this area.

4. Sea Organ & Zadar

Experimental musical instrumental in Zadar. Where ocean meets land meets music. You can sit on the sea organ and notice how it plays with the ocean waves.

Sea Organ at Zadar

5. Blue Cave & Island hopping

I got to see the blue cave by doing an island hopping tour with my group. The Blue Cave is actually a pretty short tour, but it’s said to be a pretty popular tourist attraction so the wait for it can get pretty long during high seasons. When we went, it wasn’t too bad of a wait for us, but when we arrived we probably waited around 30 minutes - 1 hour for our turn on the tour. I thought it was nice to combine with one of the island hopping tours to really get to see the various Croatian islands. We got to drink, swim, and eat at one of the restaurants at one of the islands we visited.

5. Split

This is where I stayed for a month in Croatia. Beautiful port city. The other popular towns to visit all feel generally similar, but have their own unique sites to see.


6. Dubrovnik

Probably the most popular historic town in Croatia especially if you're a Game of Thrones fan. There is a famous wall that surrounds the city that you can walk on with breathtaking views. Maybe something comparable to the idea of the Great Wall of China. This town is where they filled some scenes from GOT and there's tours you can take for it.

7. Omiš & Ziplining

One of the others towns around Croatia. I went here to do ziplining and it was amazing!

Ziplining views in Omiš

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